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Show Product Love March 2017- Distress

Long time no see! I took December off and worked early this year on revitalizing my Etsy shop! It’s now up and running and I’m back to blogging. This weeks product love is being shown to my very neglected Distress Markers! Here are all of the markers I have sorted into color families I’ll be using today! At the end of the post will be a photo of all of the finished backgrounds! Now let’s get to it.

I decided to use these markers and make some backgrounds for future cards. I did all of this on my handmade watercolor pad with the pages at 7.5 X 5.5 inches and a 12 round brush, along with water in a cup and spray bottle. I started the first background by layering walnut stain, ripe persimmon, dried marigold and squeezed lemonade  in harsh stripes from darkest to lightest. To blend I sprayed the paper with a TON of water and just let it blend itself. I really wanted the lines of the markers to still show and look very painted and striped. After letting it blend I blasted it with my heat tool to fully dry it!

The piece before it was sprayed with water. Finished photo will be at the bottom!

For the second background I did much the same as the first, just put the color at more of an angle. This time I used my round brush and water to control the water and blend, which is hard to do with the spray bottle

The piece half-finished, with blending just on the bottom right

For the third background I decided to play around with a dot background. Starting from darkest to lightest I made varying sizes of circles all around for a pattern and colored in some circles wherever i felt needed a bit more color. Finally I just sprayed it with a medium amount of water to get the circles and dots to splatter and bleed out.

Dot background with the right side sprayed with water

The final background is probably my favorite one I created! I made stripes of the three remaining colors all over the paper and sprayed it with water. I moved my brush back and forth to blend but I wasn’t really liking it. I decided to dry it and add flicks of water from my brush, let it sit for a minute or so and blot it up with some paper towels. I did this a couple more times to build up the droplets all over the background and make it as even as I could.


That is all for this post! If you liked it or want to see more just let me know in the comments below! Happy Friday eve and have a wonderful weekend!

<3, Em

Finished Backgrounds
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MORE Organization! Odds and Ends DIY Storage

Hello everyone and welcome back! Instead of writing a product love post I wanted to do another diy organization post! I had some small things left sitting around from organizing my desk that needed to go somewhere else. The two things I’m reorganizing today were bulky and took up space and were just cluttering everything and getting in the way. SPOILER ALERT I love how it all turned out and I’m excited to share it! I hope you enjoy these storage solutions!

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Organizing My Workspace

Hello everyone! This week I’m going to be talking to you about how I organized the mess that is my workspace! I’ll admit, some parts of my desk I haven’t organized in about 5 months, one part having gone with NO organization for a YEAR. That I’m ashamed off, but it’s all nice and pretty now! As I go and explain a bit of my process I’ll be showing some before and after pictures of the three areas I worked on! Now, let’s jump right into this!

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New Product Playtime/Review + New Blog Post Schedule

Hello everyone! This week is pretty excting since it was my birthday last week! My family took me to the beach for a few days and it was glorious! Now, for my birthday my sister got me the Wink of Stella blue glitter brush pen! I have had my eyes on these for awhile and let me say, I’m not disappointed one bit! I spent awhile playing around and experimenting with them and I’, eager to tell you all what I think! So, let’s dive in!


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Watercoloring- Autumn Tree


 Hey everyone! It seems like every week im wracking my brain for ideas to blog about. Today was no exception! So I decided to simply watercolor and see where it takes me, and I’m very happy with how it all turned out in the end! A list of my supplies will be listed down below (short list since I didn’t use much!) One thing I do want to touch on is that I watercolored on my own pad that I made following a tutorial from the fabulous Lindsay Wierich aka The Frugal Crafter! I’ll also add a link to her video at the end of the post! So let’s get started!

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Show some product love

Hi everyone! This is the first post in a monthly series called product love! I realized that some things in my stash have gone without use for awhile. I wanted to make an effort to really use those products, and figured a post a month on my blog highlighting that product would encourage me to show more products love, and maybe encourage others to do the same! All products that I used will be listed at the bottom of the post! So let’s start with this month’s product: my Martha Stewart punches! On a whim during a spring shopping trip I bought 4 of the small frame cartridges on sale at TJMAXX for about $5. It was the first kind of punch set I ever bought and I was excited to use them! It took a TON of research to figure out what punch would actually fit the cartridges and I bought the right one…or so I thought. Turns out, it was a starter kit for ANOTHER set of cartridges, not the ones I bought on sale. Booooooo, but I am an engineer’s daughter! I was determined to somehow make it work with the starter kid and after trial and error, finally figured out a method!

From top to bottom, left to right: Deco Fan, Blossom, Diamond Lattice, Leaf Bud, and Eyelet Doily


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Watercolor Pumpkin Pile

Long time no see everyone! Apologies for not writing a post last week. My mother had to have some emergency surgery at the SAME time I got my baby niece’s cold! Needless to say, it was crazy here for awhile but I’m back today with a brand new card featuring some watercoloring! I hope you all enjoy this post, as always my supplies will be listed at the bottom along with a link to my etsy shop where this card is on sale NOW! Now, let’s get into this card making process.


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Colorful Striped Hi Greeting Card

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful beginning of the week! For this weeks post I struggled a bit to figure out what I wanted to write about. I had no challenges or nothing planned so I simply sat down and created a card! It turned out really cute and I wanted to tell you all how I made it! All supplies will be listed down below and I hope you enjoy!


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SJC #47 Sketch and Tic-Tac-Toe

Hello everyone! This week I just HAD to do the new Share Joy challenge since I instantly had an idea and vision for it. It all started last week while I was out of town in Tennessee on a short vacation with my family. I packed some pre stamped images to color, including a beautiful flower stamp from a Downton Abbey stamp collection I found on clearance at Joann! I stamped it on watercolor paper and painted it one day with reds and pinks. When I checked the blog later that day, I knew I had to recreate what I just did. I hope you enjoy and links to the challenge and specific list of products used will be listed at the end!



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