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Have craft, will travel

Hello everyone! I spent last week travelling over a thousand miles in the car. Needless to say, when I got home on Friday afternoon I was absolutely exhausted. I did however get some crafting done that I wanted to share, along with some tips I’ve learned along the way! Let’s get into this!

Tip 1- Don’t over pack!

I tend to make this mistake A LOT. Here’s a quick overview of what I had packed with me

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Distressed vintage father’s day card

Hello everyone! This week’s post is all about good ole dad! I recently made my dad a father’s day card. I saw a video recently by Lindsay Weirich aka thefrugalcrafter where she made a steampunk¬†father’s day card. I was instantly inspired to make a card with some of the tips she shared!¬†Now, I didn’t want to copy the design I made for my dad, so I did a different design on two cards. I knew I needed to

A. Write a blog post for the week and

B. Put a dad/father’s day card up in my shop

This was my solution, the good old-fashioned “Kill two birds with one stone” Keep reading to see my thought and creative process for the cards, along with a list of supplies!


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Funky Pattern Card


I’ve been out of commission since Tuesday morning when I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. There’s been no complications but healing is a slow process. Today when im starting to write this (Sunday, June 5th) and Today when im posting this (Monday the 6th) is the first days where the pain is bearable to work. I’m telling you, this has been rough and really hard when it comes to my creating process. No desire to work or do anything that I love doing. Luckily, inspiration struck late Saturday night and it was enough to pull me out of the pain and medication fog ive been in!

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