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Have craft, will travel

Hello everyone! I spent last week travelling over a thousand miles in the car. Needless to say, when I got home on Friday afternoon I was absolutely exhausted. I did however get some crafting done that I wanted to share, along with some tips I’ve learned along the way! Let’s get into this!

Tip 1- Don’t over pack!

I tend to make this mistake A LOT. Here’s a quick overview of what I had packed with me

  • Lots of small sheets of scrap paper, mostly white with a couple black thrown in
  • A scrap of cardstock with some pre stamped images on them
  • A yellow, white and pale purple card base
  • All 12 of my zig clear color real brush pens
  • 10 staedtler multicolor triplus rollerball pens
  • 3 small stamp sets and a small rubber stamp
  • A black and brown memento dew drop ink pad
  • A pencil, eraser, white out pen and permanent fine tip sharpie
  • 3 gel pens in silver, gold and white
  • 1 small stencil
  • 1 small acrylic block
  • Adhesive glue dots
  • Small pair of scissors.

That’s about it…you ready for the real kicker though? Here’s the list of products I ACTUALLY used.

  • 1 piece of black card stock and 1 piece of green cardstock as a scrap piece of paper to clean off my stamps
  • The pre stamped images
  • The yellow and white card base
  • 6 or 7 pf my Zig markers
  • 3 of my Staedtler pens
  • 2 of the small stamp sets
  • Rich cocoa dew drop memento ink pads
  • Permanent fine tip black sharpie
  • The silver, gold and white gel pens
  • The small stencil
  • Small acrylic block

That is the only things I used on my trip. The only tip I can give is less is more! You want to pack enough products to keep you busy but you also don’t want to do what I did, which is over pack. Variety is the spice of life, but not when you’re crafting on the road!

Tip 2- Don’t overthink or plan too much!

I don’t think I did as much as I should have, but this was a little vacation! My dad had some business to do out of state and my mom and I tagged along for a treat. Instead of sitting at my desk making cards, pricing them, putting them on Etsy, running errands, I took a bit of a break. I initially planned to do all this stuff, but I put it aside! I wrote one day on the road, colored that night. Doodled in the car and made a card the next night. I took things slow, I colored, created and planned more for a book I want to write soon. It’s all about taking it day by day and not micro planning every day like I usually do.

Tip 3- Open your eyes!

My last and most important tip. Appreciate the little things you usually take for granted. How warm the sun feels on your skin or how beautiful the sky looks. With the daily grind and work weighing us down, its easy to forget the little things. I’m leaving you all with a picture of the sun set in Lenoir city, Tennessee.

See you next week,

Em ❤

Sunset in Tennessee. Keep an eye out for next week and you may see this again 😉

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