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Finding Inspiration

Hey everyone! I really wanted to do a blog this week talking about inspiration. As someone who crafts daily and has a creative business, its hard to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas every day. People say its important to have a creative outlet, but what happens if your creative outlet lines up with your business? I just wanted a pure text blog talking about this topic, maybe some of it will help you! Keep reading to find out more!

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Hey everyone! This week blog is showcasing my entry into the Share Joy Challenge #44! This week is a sketch and color option and I actually decided to do the sketch portion this week! It instantly had ideas flowing through my head and I knew exactly what I would make. Without further ado, let’s dive in!



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Watercolor Sunset

Hello everyone! Remember the sunset picture from last week’s blog? If you read the bottom caption then you would already know that this week’s post is all about! The sky in the picture was so beautiful and I instantly wanted to watercolor it. I had to wait nearly a week to do so, but luckily I had two reference pictures to help! Here’s the sunset picture to refresh your memory and then we’ll get into it!

Sunset in Tennessee. Keep an eye out for next week and you may see this again 😉

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