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Watercolor Sunset

Hello everyone! Remember the sunset picture from last week’s blog? If you read the bottom caption then you would already know that this week’s post is all about! The sky in the picture was so beautiful and I instantly wanted to watercolor it. I had to wait nearly a week to do so, but luckily I had two reference pictures to help! Here’s the sunset picture to refresh your memory and then we’ll get into it!

Sunset in Tennessee. Keep an eye out for next week and you may see this again 😉

I started off with a 3.14X6 piece of watercolor paper (All products used will be listed down below!) and taped it down to my clipboard with some masking tape. This paper has a rougher side and a smoother side  and I chose to use the smoother side so I didn’t add too much texture once I liquified my colors. For the base colors I used a light blue, pink and violet to sketch out where I wanted each color.


After it was all sketched out I used my water brush and liquified and blended the colors together. Once it was done, I dried it with my heat tool and added a second layer of color by putting my wet brush on the pencils and darkening the areas up with their colors. I came back and dried it again and went in with some more colors. I used a darker blue pencil to blend over the blue areas and a black pencil to around the bottom left edge.


The watercolor pencils were not giving me the color punch that I needed so I brought in the big guns! I used a zig clean color real brush marker and 2 distress markers to add more color. I scribbled them onto an acrylic block for a temporary pallette.  I added the blue distress marker over the blue area, the pink Zig marker to blend it in with the blue and purple, and lastly used the dark marker to add more purple and more depth to the bottom and edges. I blended it all out and left it to air dry for a few hours, and this was the result!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and if you have any questions let me know! Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you all next week for another post!

❤ Em


  • Canson XL Watercolor paper
  • Jadebird flat #12 watercolor brush
  • Loew-Cornell watercolor pencils in light paris blue, pink madder lake, blue violet, deep cobalt and black.
  • Zig clean color real brush marker in Pink
  • Ranger distress markers in seedless preserves and broken china





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