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Finding Inspiration

Hey everyone! I really wanted to do a blog this week talking about inspiration. As someone who crafts daily and has a creative business, its hard to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas every day. People say its important to have a creative outlet, but what happens if your creative outlet lines up with your business? I just wanted a pure text blog talking about this topic, maybe some of it will help you! Keep reading to find out more!

As cliché as this is, my main tip for finding inspiration is stepping away from your work and going outside. It is summer right now, so it may be too hot out to really take a good walk, but even sitting on the porch and clearing your head will help. Personally, I look at the sky, see the color and what the clouds are doing, see if any storms are brewing in the distance. Getting your mind off whatever it is you’re stuck on helps, or even going to a different environment to gain new insight on things.

My second tip is Google! It’s as simple as that. When I’ve been stuck on a design, for example a fall tree card, some simple google searches helped me decided on color schemes and such! Google is a great tool to use as inspiration, but please don’t copy a design and claim it as your own. That is not fair to artist who made these beautiful pieces of work. Inspiration is one thing, stealing is another! You can also search Youtube and see what other people have done using the same product, technique, etc.

Last tip is to go back in time to your middle school self and doodle! I think most of us can say while the teacher was going on and on, we doodled in our notebooks. While the TV is on or music is playing, I doodle and let my mind wander. Sometimes I’m able to create and come up with new ideas or solve a problem I’ve been having. I’ve always noticed that taking my mind off whatever it is im struggling with is always the best way for me to get past a creative roadblock

I hope you all enjoyed this post and the tips that I always use when im in a creative dump. Let me know your tips in the comments! Until next week,

❤ EM



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