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Watercoloring- Autumn Tree


 Hey everyone! It seems like every week im wracking my brain for ideas to blog about. Today was no exception! So I decided to simply watercolor and see where it takes me, and I’m very happy with how it all turned out in the end! A list of my supplies will be listed down below (short list since I didn’t use much!) One thing I do want to touch on is that I watercolored on my own pad that I made following a tutorial from the fabulous Lindsay Wierich aka The Frugal Crafter! I’ll also add a link to her video at the end of the post! So let’s get started!

 My favorite way to watercolor lately is just by using 3 of the Gansai Tambi watercolors. I’m able to make some really pretty and cohesive pieces. I keep these three colors stored in an empty altoids tin and use the lid to mix all my colors. Now, since I’m using only those three colors, I decided to really embrace fall (Which honestly Im happy to embrace it)

I started by mixing all of the colors to make a brown color, using more red and yellow with a smaller amount of blue (seen in the left photo) I added red to one side of the same mixing area with yellow on the opposite side. I mixed the two in the middle so I would have pure yellow, orange, and pure red. (seen in the right photo)

I started by taking the brown and painting in a rough tree shape. I then used the orange color to add some leaves to the end of each branch and along some of the limbs. I did all the leaves just by dotting my watercolor brush, no special technique is used, just lots of dotting!

Lone Tree

  I slowly built up the color by adding in red and then the yellow leaves along with the orange. I dried it all with my heat tool on low and went back in with the red all around the tree to build it up and make it more full. While the paint was still wet I added in orange and yellow on top so the colors would all blend together.

Adding color slowly

I then went back and mixed the orange with the brown and added in some additional branches in the background just to build up some definition in the back and add more depth to the tree. As I went along with each color i added some falling leaves just by dotting the paint around and under the tree in no particular order. Once I was happy with the fullness of the tree, I decided to add in a pile of leaves around the bottom. Honestly, I wasnt happy with the base of the tree so I dabbed color on and along the bottom of the paper with each of the colors I used. Starting with orange, adding in red, brightening it all up with the yellow, and using the orange and brown mix to darken any areas that were too light.

That is it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be back next week with another post! Have a great week!

<3, Em

Close up


The Frugal Crafter DIY Watercolor block


  • Gansai Tambi Watercolors in #35 #43 and #56
  • Canson xL Watercolor paper
  • Zig medium water brush

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