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Organizing My Workspace

Hello everyone! This week I’m going to be talking to you about how I organized the mess that is my workspace! I’ll admit, some parts of my desk I haven’t organized in about 5 months, one part having gone with NO organization for a YEAR. That I’m ashamed off, but it’s all nice and pretty now! As I go and explain a bit of my process I’ll be showing some before and after pictures of the three areas I worked on! Now, let’s jump right into this!


The area that inspired me to organize and write a blog about it, is my main drawer. It’s the only drawer in my desk and it holds pretty much everything I use on a daily basis. Ink, embossing tools, adhesives, punches, small decorative items for cards, acrylic blocks, post it notes, and product swatches. All of this and a bit more were crammed into this small drawer. I started by taking all of the items out and cleaning the utensil drawer insert inside. This is probably the best organization product I’ve brought for my desk and it was about 75 cents at the thrift store! I wiped it down with a baby wipe and set it aside to dry. For the actual items I placed them all into categories depending on that they were and then decided what products I used, which were not in my site that I needed to see and use, and which are lying around not being used. With that in mind I refilled the utensil insert and set it all back inside the drawer!

Out of the three areas I worked, this was the easiest. To the left I keep my watercolor paper and to the right I have the cards that are currently in the shop stacked and ready to go. I took everything out and cleaned the bottom with a baby wipe. I took out a few cards where their listing had expired from Etsy and put them in another area and restacked the cards. For the watercolor section I simply took out some pages I had colored and restacked the paper so it’s ready to use and slipped it right back. Not much of a difference but it is much cleaner than before!

Lastly was the top area of my desk, the area I havent touched in over a year! I took everything off and cleaned the top like before, and this next process took a little longer than the others. This was mostly about putting things I don’t use as often away and reorganizing what I do have to make the top shelf a lot less cluttered and less of an eye sore. One major change was taking the large green cup out and the label maker that lived there and giving both a new home somewhere else. The cup was too large for my other tools so I used my owl wine glass to store them all. It fits along with the other two owl jars holding pens and watercolor pencils, but most importantly it doesn’t take up as much space as the green cup did. I also wiped everything down and packed away my few Halloween decorations. My large Eiffel tower vase is empty for now, but it will be refilled with some fake Christmas flowers!

Now, that is hitting two birds with one stone! My desk is now a lot more organized and I got a blog post out of it! NEXT WEEK is a new product love post and after that is MORE organizing diys tested! Stay tuned, and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

 <3, Em


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