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MORE Organization! Odds and Ends DIY Storage

Hello everyone and welcome back! Instead of writing a product love post I wanted to do another diy organization post! I had some small things left sitting around from organizing my desk that needed to go somewhere else. The two things I’m reorganizing today were bulky and took up space and were just cluttering everything and getting in the way. SPOILER ALERT I love how it all turned out and I’m excited to share it! I hope you enjoy these storage solutions!

First up was my ribbon! I had a bulky package of scrap ribbon that I brought on clearance from Hobby Lobby at a pretty cheap price. I’ve had it stored in my drawer for a few months now and it was time to figure out some storage options! I looked at multiple sites online and found some tips people gave, one of which was using a mason jar to store ribbon! I loved this idea, and had everything handy so I went for it. I took apart the jars, setting the rings aside and focusing on the lids. I took the ribbon scraps out of the plastic packaging and cut the plastic down flat. I traced the lid onto the plastic and cut out a rough circle. Mine was not by any means perfect but as long as it fit, that’s all i cared about. I had smaller mason jars so fitting all 10 pieces of scraps I had into one wasnt feasible. Luckily we have the jars handy from canning things with my mom, so it wasnt hard getting two. after making sure the plastic circle fit inside the ring and screwed to the jar ok, I made 5 marks with my permanent marker as guides.

Guide marks on the plastic… that didn’t wipe away with an alcohol swab OOPS

I cut the slits using my exacto knife and simply fed the pieces through a little bit. The test I crammed into the jar, put the circle through the ring and screwed it all together! Overall, I love how this came out. Not only am I able to actually see what specific ribbon I have, but it’s also really pretty with the ribbon showing! I would highly recommend doing this with your ribbon scraps!=

Lastly is my sponge dauber collection! The items that took up the most space on my desk’s top shelf! I looked around online but didn’t want to pay for a collection box that was too big and may not even fit my homemade daubers (Made with soda tops, hot glue and a makeup wedge!) I have a few Altoids tins lying around that I actually use to travel with my watercolors. I had plenty on hand and found that 5 of my sponge daubers works PERFECTLY and fits nice and snug in there! That massive array of sponges is now contained into 3 Altoids tins!

I knew I needed to see what colors I had so I made a chart by tracing the tin on some white cardstock. I cut it out and traced out a grid of 5 compartments for some swatches! I started by going heavy on the color in one place and blending it out lighter next to it. I wrote the colors out in a permanent marker and outlined the lines before using some adhesive and attaching it to the back!


The only possible problem with this is that the lids don’t completely close all the way and they’re not secure if it’s not closed all the way. In the way I’m storing them in the tins it’s not that big of a problem but I did want to warn you! That is it for this week! Next week for sure is going to be a new showing product love post so get ready for it! Thank you all and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! Until next time

<3, Em


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